From desktop to mobile. We create fascinating online experiences and social media campaigns.

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Versatility is one of our most important strengths: not only do we deliver a flexible UX design, we also use our unique talents for making content.

Web design and UI design. We don't just want to make beautiful things. They should be useful, but above all also work properly. Our interaction designers and developers offer a wide variety of skills and services, including web development, custom coding and Unreal / Unity – developing for AR and VR. This is how we elevate digital productions to a higher level.

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What would your site be without rich content? — Ok, we've got your back!

Responsive design. Beautiful and clear on every device, no matter what the size of the screen.

For two decades we have been devising, designing and developing integrated branding and marketing campaigns for web, mobile and social media. We do this through storytelling, clear design and by using innovative technology. Hands-on, no-nonsense and on-time.

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Websites to leave your competitors behind

VD Akker is a good example of a client for who we went all the way. Responsive web design, customized 3D content and an occasion app for the two most important mobile platforms. Check out the newest gems on your Android or iPhone.

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Visibility on the web is crucial. What you actually see is even more important...

Luckily, there are lots of ways to achieve online visibility through the power of digital marketing. With a strategic approach via multiple channels, including paid searches, organic search results, content marketing and social marketing. Twisted can help by advising you on the right strategy and executing it.

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Simple maintenance of your website

An important element of keeping the website up to date is the Content Management System. It should cost a content manager little or no effort to edit content or post blog entries. At Twisted we therefore work regularly with Craft, Wordpress and the ideal start-up platform SquareSpace.

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