Powerful storytelling in image. Our drive to produce brilliant films knows no bounds.

Picture this! Production of company film to commercial and brand movie to mood film.

We produce a wide range of film/video content. From company films to how-to videos and from live action to animation. Our in-house creative and production teams offer endless possibilities, so that we can produce video content that really works. Here are a few examples of the video production services we offer.

Dutchdeluxes Extraordinary Dutch Kitchenware Videoproductie 8559

Hollywood and beyond

The basis of every film we produce is a good story that is told with passion and integrity. We combine strategic insight with world-class creative execution to tell stories that inspire and convince. Twisted is a multidisciplinary team, which means that we can monitor all aspects of quality control in the content production process.

Film portfolio

Capturing the soul of a company on film. A unique insight into the design processes of GRO design.

Creative projects are iterative. To get the right results we develop our ideas together with our customers so that we can achieve the very best objectives. In order to make sure we stay on time and within budget, a producer is allocated to every project. One point of contact who coordinates the project until completion.

Geris - Day Of A Trader Videoproductie

Geris — the day of a trader. Corporate film, enriched with VFX/motion graphics for an innovative character.

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Online video for content marketing

Video content is an essential component of every digital strategy – whether it’s a social media campaign, marketing campaign or simply content for your website. Whatever it’s for, high quality content must be produced in order to be successful. Whether it’s short explainer videos or animations, a complete series of videos or a beautiful corporate film or commercial.

Film portfolio