Immerse yourself in a virtual world or step into your new office. Embrace the future of VR / AR / XR.

Hardt - Hyperloop - Key Art 02 - 3D render abstract

Enhance the experience with virtual reality and augmented reality

With the arrival of 5G, VR and AR will develop rapidly, especially on mobile devices. Twisted is ready for this market. After all, it is a fusion of our two favourite competencies: 3D animation and interaction. Volumetric video recordings make it even more realistic.

Dimenco breakdown

In-house Unreal development and Unity development

We have animation at our fingertips. And the exact modeling of 3D objects in low-poly too. Furthermore, we understand lighting and materials. After all, it has to look beautiful. Our development team also offers the technical solutions for creating a connection between the platform and the back end. So we have in-house Unreal and Unity development.

Mix reality with a layer of digital information: Augmented reality and Mixed reality

With AR and XR we combine the 'real' world with a digital addition, such as 3D and interaction. This could be products or services that you can experience on your mobile or tablet or through a Magic Leap or Hololens glasses.

VR SR Future Dimenco

Experience a location from a distance — the power of Virtual Reality.