Combining talent with technology. VFX delivers spectacle and makes the impossible possible.

Geris - Day Of A Trader Videoproductie

Visual effects and post-production are our favourite parts of the production process.

The post-production process begins after all images have been captured. This is actually one of our favourite parts of the video production process. Graphics and information layers can be added, colour correction, sound design and special visual effects (VFX). Post-production completes a project – this takes it from being good, to being great.

Sioux Cyborg 3D Animation Vfx Twisted

Exert influence on the visual appearance. It gives you freedom.

VFX (visual effects) is not just a Twisted skill. We are proud that we offer a huge number of possibilities for influencing the visual appearance of our productions. This gives us all the freedom we need to be able to visualise the most extreme situations. Dramatizing scenes, generating more impact or simply depicting something that is really not (yet) possible…

VFX portfolio

How do we do it? Take a look behind the scenes at our VFX talent and our studio

Of course, we can’t tell you everything, but you’re welcome to take a peek at how we brought this Mixed Reality scene to life for Dimenco. Green screen recordings, keying, motion tracking, compositing and VFX.

Aerial VFX shot burning city

Transforming landscapes with the versatility of VFX — showing the context of your real estate projects

Philips PSV Space Challenge Depay In Action

No gravity, no problem! We put these athletes through the ultimate training programme.

A campaign commercial for Philips shavers. With Memphis Depay, Luuk de Jong and Philip Cocu in the leading role.

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