3D animation
Realism is what we strive for.

3D Animatie in combinatie met film - Brainport Eindhoven Piano met robothand

Our 3D animation expertise combined with film results in creative freedom

With the help of 3D animation, the invisible can become visible. Situations that cannot be filmed or simply don’t exist. Our focus is on medical, high-tech, innovative, industrial and 3D product animations. We strive to achieve an unprecedented level of realism. As preferred supplier, we deliver high-end 3D animations for TNO, Aquantia and all divisions of Philips.

3D animatie - Creatie voor high-tech NTS Laser Weld

Creative 3D animation made in Eindhoven

Our 3D animation portfolio consists of technical, realistic messages. But we also use 3D animation for commercials. For making an animatic (animated storyboard) as well as for the compositing of 3D objects in film. Postproduction and special effects are pushed to the extreme by Twisted. The creative freedom 3D gives us is endless.

3D animation portfolio

Hardt - Hyperloop - Key Art 02 - 3D render realistisch

Realistic 3D animations of products or processes

Our 3D artists make the unthinkable possible: hyper realistic representations of products or processes that are still in their concept phase. We model, texturize, illuminate and render the most beautiful 3D animations in-house. Twisted delivers 3D animations to demanding customers. We continuously invest in new skills and technology in order to be able to offer our customers the very best quality. 3D animations at the highest level!

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