Our manifesto:
Imagine. Create. Generate.

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Creating a world that doesn't yet exist. That is what we do.

And we have everything in-house. Even an in-house film studio. But Twisted is more than a boutique production community. We use emotion, strategy, design and technology to tell catchy brand stories. About some brand-new technology, that medical or pharmaceutical discovery or a successful innovation.

Twisted studio


Storytelling of the highest order to get your message across and achieve our goals. We come up with original ideas and bring them to life in a spectacular way. We want to grab the audience when they least expect it, regardless of the medium, regardless of the channel they’re using to experience our content. Film, animation, online or mixed reality.

Online video strategy

Instead of focusing exclusively on the biggest video productions, we also work on smaller productions in series-form. This means that we can reach the target audience much more regularly, over a longer period of time. We help elevate the online video strategy to a higher level by using the 3H model (Hero, Hub, Hygiene), devised by Google.

Aerial VFX shot burning city

We use Google’s Hero, Hub and Hygiene model to distinguish between different kinds of video content

Hero content is the kind of video that makes marketeers really happy. These are high-quality video productions that generate a high impact with a wide audience.

Hub content is more suitable for engaging with the target audience and is published regularly and at fixed times. This is the kind of content people come back for. Examples are fixed formats or recurring series'.

Hygiene content is the least exciting kind of content. Examples are instruction videos and tips & tricks. Videos that explain things and answer questions. Hygiene is video content that is relevant every day and therefore an important component of video strategy.

Our manifesto: Imagine. Create. Generate.