Motion graphics.
Illustrations that come to life.

Brand new motion graphics from Eindhoven! Twisted has developed its speciality of ‘animating’ or bringing illustrations ‘to life’, either in 2D animation or 3D animation. Motion graphics are often used in data visualisation, web videos, software demos, product demos, corporate videos and commercials. Twisted has a rich portfolio at its fingertips, with various examples of colourful, dynamic motion graphics productions.

Motion graphics Surface Particles Animeren van illustraties

A distinctive motion graphics style can provide recognition and therefore contribute to corporate branding.

Motion graphics animations are ideally suited to incorporate within a corporate identity and to produce according to the brand guidelines. This could be through use of colour, typography, music, voiceover and animation method. So, we can develop a style of animation that is based on communicating a series of messages. Motion brand guidelines contribute to enhancing the brand experience through consistent use of a visual language.

Philips Shield Animatie shield golden ratio

Data visualisation, beautiful to watch, but also very useful.

Innovative sectors often have a need for data visualisation and data communication. We can bring data to life using motion graphics.
Whether it’s animated interfaces or data streams, we love creating animations with this kind of data. And of course, they always look great.

Infographics animation for complex, high-level information

Infographics animation is a style of animation that is perfect for translating a corporate, high-level message. Using recognisable icons and symbols can dramatically reduce the amount of text required, so that the animations stay clean, but successfully communicate the desired information.