We make high-tech look even better.

Telling complex, technical stories in an understandable, beautiful way.

We work for the major league in high-tech. After all, our roots are in Brainport, Eindhoven. An area with the highest concentration of patents in the world. Everyone in our team is passionate about advanced technology. Complex techniques are a piece of cake for us. We speak the same language.

NTS - High Precision Frames Cabinets Animatie Laser Weld

Our ultimate goal is to make exceptional content.

Relevant, challenging and surprising. Whatever we make, we make it different. Outstanding and valuable for our clients. We have been helping international technological companies to conquer their target markets for over 20 years. We do this by creating exceptional video and animation content.

High-tech portfolio

We see customers as partners. We follow each other closely, so that we are always up to speed.

Our team develops continuous technical videos and animations to pitch new ideas, visualise product innovations or simply strengthen brands in the industry.

High Tech VFX Dimenco Interaction ALT 2440

Simulated Reality. The unprecedented potential of 3D.